Strickland on film Pt. 1: PACS lessons & the Hammersmith
February 10, 2016 -- London's Hammersmith Hospital was a PACS pioneer when it went filmless 20 years ago. What lessons have been learnt? Dr. Nicola Strickland, who has worked on the project from the outset, provides answers in part one of this video series.
How to select targets for Tc-99m production
February 9, 2016 -- Radioisotope technetium-99m (Tc-99m) is traditionally obtained via the decay of molybdenum-99, which is produced in a small number of aging nuclear reactors. The fragility of this supply line has prompted the investigation of alternative manufacturing methods.
Male breast masses require careful investigation
February 8, 2016 -- It's essential to remember male breasts are not unique, with imaging features that are similar to those of the female breast. Use your knowledge of the female breast and apply it with a higher level of suspicion in the male breast, said researchers in Saudi Arabia and Canada.
Mountain bike injuries: Which modality is best?
February 5, 2016 -- New international research on musculoskeletal trauma of the neck, torso, and extremities resulting from mountain biking has identified the best imaging modality to use in various clinical situations.
X-ray reveals secrets of Haitian voodoo dolls
February 4, 2016 -- X-ray can help unpack the secrets of the Haitian practice of voodoo, according to a pictorial review published in the Journal of Forensic Radiology and Imaging.
Structured reports boost surgeon satisfaction, plans
February 3, 2016 -- Structured reports of shoulder MRI studies tend to be more comprehensive and relevant than traditional free-text reports, and surgeons appreciate those benefits for expeditious clinical decision-making and surgical planning, German researchers have reported.
Revealed: Why the duchess was so ugly
February 3, 2016 -- Radiologists from Malta have shed new light on "The Ugly Duchess," a famous early 16th century painting by the Flemish artist Quinten Massys. The unfortunate woman suffered from a rare form of Paget's disease, or osteitis deformans.
Watch out for 'false friends' in breast imaging
February 2, 2016 -- Usually benign imaging findings may hide a malignant lesion such as medullary carcinoma, so it's vital to be aware of these "false friends," according to researchers from Madrid who have provided some tips and tricks in award-winning work.
U.K. intensifies recruitment drive for senior jobs
February 2, 2016 -- In parts of the U.K., up to a third of consultant radiologist posts remain vacant. To combat these drastic shortages, the Royal College of Radiologists is hosting two keynote sessions at the upcoming ECR 2016 in Vienna in the hope that overseas radiologists will relocate.
T1 mapping speeds myocardial assessment in cardiac MR
February 1, 2016 -- Researchers in Italy are saving time in their use of cardiac MRI to assess myocardial viability by using native T1-weighted mapping instead of a cumbersome T2-weighted imaging approach, according to a new study that compared both methods and found the latter wanting.
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