Champagne and PET/MRI: why they're so similar
September 19, 2017 -- PET/MRI and champagne have a lot in common. On the face of it, both are expensive and even exclusive, befitting the "rich and famous." Read more about the similarities between PET/MRI and champagne in a guest editorial by Thomas Beyer, PhD, and Dr. Vicky Goh.  Discuss
French study heralds change in lung cancer follow-up
September 18, 2017 -- French researchers have shed new light on following up patients with resected non-small cell lung cancer. They found little evidence to support more frequent CT scanning in the first two years after resection, according to a study presented on 9 September at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO 2017) congress in Madrid.  Discuss
FDG-PET/CT contributes to anal cancer follow-up
September 15, 2017 -- Given its high sensitivity and negative predictive value, French researchers are promoting FDG-PET/CT for its ability to assess response to treatment and redirect therapy for patients with recurrent or progressive anal cancer, in a study published in the September issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.  Discuss
How clean is your mobile phone?
September 14, 2017 -- Almost half of the radiographers at two Irish hospitals don't clean their phones, a new study has found. That's a problem because phones can harbor pathogens associated with nosocomial infections. The solution is multimodal awareness programs, the authors say.  Discuss
Painting the floors white
September 13, 2017 -- Dirty cups and a cluttered desk don't reflect well on an individual's competence and hygiene standards. And it's also demoralizing for everyone, Dr. Paul McCoubrie warns. He's convinced simple changes can boost productivity and quality.  Discuss
Researchers visualize cardiac conduction system in 3D
September 13, 2017 -- A multinational research group has used 3D reconstruction of micro-CT images to visualize -- for the first time in 3D -- the group of cells that cause the heart to beat. The method shows promise for helping cardiologists plan heart surgeries and achieve better patient outcomes.  Discuss
PACS upgrades can be a rocky road
September 12, 2017 -- Radiologists need to be early birds for optimal PACS upgrades, and this means voicing their frustrations with the current systems, getting a headstart, and communicating directly with suppliers in person rather than leaving it to managers, according to an experienced practitioner.  Discuss
Hip fractures: How many MR sequences are enough?
September 11, 2017 -- Coronal short tau inversion recovery is the best MRI sequence for detecting bony and soft-tissue acute injuries to the hip, and anybody looking to create an abridged protocol should prioritize it over other sequences, new research has found.  Discuss
A short and critical approach to contrast agent safety
September 8, 2017 -- In the current climate of "gadolinium phobia," it's difficult to know which contrast agent to use in a given clinical scenario and in what quantity. The Maverinck aims to bring some clarity and common sense to the ongoing safety debate in his latest column.  Discuss
PET with AV-1451 times tau deposits with Alzheimer's onset
September 7, 2017 -- Using PET with the novel radiotracer fluorine-18-AV-1451 that binds to tau deposits, Swedish researchers have linked certain regions of the brain with the early or late onset of Alzheimer's disease and its symptoms, according to a study published in the September issue of Brain.  Discuss
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